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Exploring Rocks

I opened storytime with Peggy Christiansen’s poetic If You Find a Rock,  in which she describes all kinds of rocks a child might find: skipping rocks, climbing rocks, worry stones, splashing rocks, memory rocks and more.

if you find a rock


Next we played the stepping stones game. I had cut out rounded shapes from construction paper and taped them to the floor in groups of three before the program began. I had the children line up behind a set of stones (I had four sets, and four to five children in each group, so no one had to wait to long.) Then they stepped across the pretend river using the stepping stones. I introduced this rhyme, and we did it over and over and over again, until they all could say it with me and had crossed multiple times.

Stepping Stones

Stepping over stepping stones,
One, two, three.
Stepping over stepping stones,
Come with me.
The river’s very fast,
And the river’s very wide,
We’ll step across on stepping stones,
And reach the other side.

Next I shared If Rocks Could Sing: a discovered alphabet by Leslie McGuirk. They loved hearing about how she found the rocks (lots of waiting!) and sometimes agreed (and sometimes disagreed!) with what shape she saw in the rocks — it was great for generating conversation.



We talked about looking for shapes or letters in rocks. I also showed them some of artist Andy Goldsworthy’s creations with rocks before we set out to make our own creations.

There are many more great rock books for this age, like Roma Gans If You Go Rock Collecting from the Let’s Read and Find Out Science series, and for a little older audience, Rocks in His Head by Carol Otis Hurst and A Rock is Lively by Dianna Hutts Aston.

Next we went outside to continue our rock explorations. We had talked about how rocks were hard . . . and soft (like chalk). One station was sidewalk chalk, another was painting rocks (what letter or shape do you see in this rock?), and a third was stacking or building with rocks. It was a beautiful day for the kids to explore!





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